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Helen Shand | Smiling Without Hesitation

Helen Shand | Smiling Without Hesitation

The Importance of Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s something that patient Helen knows all too well. Conscious of her front teeth, Helen didn’t smile as fully as she wanted too. And despite regularly visiting the dentist to maintain her oral health, aesthetically, Helen felt like the teeth she had were her lot, something to just deal with. Until that was, she saw the positive change in her sister who had recently undergone dental work.

Spurred on, Helen booked an appointment with Dr Mei Ting at The Dentists in Taradale.

Working Together

At The Dentists ensuring the care of our patients is at the heart of all that we do and it starts from the first consultation. We know that nerves are common, so we work hard to put our patients at ease by really getting to understand their needs and concerns first, and working with them to choose the treatment best suited for them. This way our patients can sit in the dental chair feeling completely informed and confident in the procedure being carried out.

Together, Dr Mei Ting and Helen spent time discussing the different options available and Helen was able to view mocked up images of the final results - a process that made her realise that it wouldn’t just be her teeth that would be transformed but her confidence too.

Feeling encouraged and supported, Helen began the process of reclaiming her beautiful smile.

Part of the Equation

Since Helen was having an extensive procedure, part of which was cosmetic and part of which necessary, it was paramount that the process was smooth, comfortable and that it was a collaboration, which is something that we is particularly important to us, we want all our patients to feel confident. Dr Mei Ting regularly checked in with Helen and guided her through each stage so she knew what was happening at all times.

A New Outlook

Now Helen has a smile that she loves and can let shine fully. Her only comment is that she wished she had done it sooner and she urges anyone who is in the same position as she was to go for it!

Helen’s story illustrates why, at The Dentists, we believe that oral health is vital to your life, and extends beyond just the physical health of your teeth. We’re here to work in partnership with you, to help you regain your confidence, so you can live fully and smile without hesitation.

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