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Start the spread of smiles

Start the spread of smiles | The Dentists Blog

Imagine a world where smiling is the norm. No matter where you look, people are smiling and happy. This is obviously far from possible, and it’s also not sustainable or  even inspirational. But smiling more could definitely improve a lot for any individual.

Start the spread of smiles, but how?

W e are hard-wired to copy expressions of those around us. We can’t help it but pick up on bodily cues others give us. When you see someone smiling, your brain automatically picks up on that and will often mimic that expression. Of course, the same works for any other expression.

 The reward of having a smile returned is great. When someone returns your smile, you will quickly feel radiating warmth that makes you smile even more and smiling becomes a repetitive cycle.

Why are you not smiling more?

Let’s be honest, having everybody smile, all the time, would be nothing but creepy!

But smiling more often can definitely help in making many improvements across the board, take your first step and start spreading smiles.

What’s stopping us from smiling more often?
  • Busyness

  • Worries

  • Emotions

  • Pain caused by our teeth or poor gum health

  • Life in general

  • Lack of confidence

Nervous about your smile?

This is the perfect time to smile regularly without your actual smile being seen! Practice behind your mask without the worry of what people might think.

How can The Dentists help?

We can’t solve every problem that stops people from smiling but we can, at least, help with some of them! Whether it’s a lack of confidence due to the appearance of your smile or even pain that is caused by your teeth. Come and see us to take your next step to a brighter smile 




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